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    Facility Visit

    We’ll visit your facility and perform an immersive survey / energy audit to investigate the possible savings

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    Report Results

    We’ll share the report an configure and appropriate monitoring system with expert input from best.energy

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    Monitor Installation

    We’ll install the monitoring system in under 3 hours and analyze the data over 2-3 weeks to establish the baseline energy consumption

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    Configure Saving Solution

    We’ll configure an energy saving solution and quantify the savings you will receive with expert input from best.energy

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    Performance Recommendations

    We’ll provide behavioral recommendations, program alarms, alerts and identify if any additional control and monitoring is required and implement the changes

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Implementation of the Wiles Energy Solutions Approach

The SMARRT Approach

The Wiles Energy Solutions Process is an implementation of the SMARRT approach, which is our signature energy efficiency strategy. By operating through the forward-thinking SMARRT principles and process, we are able to guarantee our clients the very best service in energy monitoring. We want to work alongside you to help you and your business achieve optimal energy efficiency to bring down your carbon footprint… and your costs.

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    Fast analysis on-site with our proprietary mobile app.

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    Precise energy use and misuse monitoring using Eniscope.

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    Real-time cloud analysis of trends, using our software platform.

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    Interpretation of savings opportunities using retrofit technologies.

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    Nodal analysis and comprehensive reporting to influence decision making.

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    Sustain and improve performance by setting goals and verifying success.


Fast on site analysis


Real-time trend analysis


Accurately track usage


Identify reduction opportunities

What is SMARRT?

SMARRT was forged with ISO 50001 as its motivation. ISO 50001 is the international standard for energy management – it is the protocol that all companies must follow in managing their energy consumption – a grade they should reach in energy efficiency.

SMARRT condenses these principles into a simple acronym that clients and partners can follow to ensure we’re all working together towards a sustainable future.

Curious to find out how we could use our approach to improve energy efficiency in your business? We offer free consultations so give us a call or email today.

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